Dream Car Make and Model Mixmatch: Is that a Scion iM? Or Toyota Impreza?

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Porsche Exige S

[Cover image via XCAR on YouTube]

One of my favorite manufacturers is Lotus. Their strict focus on lightweight has made them ahead of their time. They have won multiple F1 championships spearheaded by Colin Chapman. While sales haven’t been up to par with other exotic manufacturers, they are one of the only manufacturers focused on purist driving ability.

Take the Lotus Elise for example.  The U.S. legal version of the car is less than 2,000 lbs. in curb weight, has manual steering and a manual transmission.  Aside from anti-lock brakes and power brakes, it’s nearly a motorcycle on four wheels. It leaves unfiltered communication through the steering wheel.  The suspension set up, tire choice, and driving dynamics relay a plethora of information to the driver, and it’s up to the driver what he or she wants to do with it.

Now, take a Porsche Exige S.  The version in the photo isn’t street legal for the U.S., but it is a heavier, V6, supercharged version of the revamped Exige.  Simply put, it’s one of my favorite cars of all time.  So, why choose Porsche?  They would find a way to make it U.S. legal and have the performance and technological background that can add refinement to the Exige S, without too many compromises with weight.  It makes for a purist driver’s car, with an added sense of refinement.