2017 BMW i3 Adds A Lot More Range

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The latest BMW i3 means that maybe, you don’t have to wait for electric fun.

Before the Tesla Model 3, electric vehicles consistently had a range of just over 80 miles.  Whether it was the Nissan Leaf to the BMW i3, it seemed like all of the competitors in the same market were running the same range estimate.  Clearly, it isn’t enough.  A leisure drive down the roads of Southern California show me what the market looks like.  There are still an awfully large amount of hybrids and smaller sport-utility-vehicles.  BMW did something about with the latest version of the i3.


So, What Is The Range?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a short stint in an i3.  What I do think?  I think it’s an underrated vehicle.  The only thing I wanted out of the car was more range, and BMW made it so.  Now, an electric-only i3 has a BMW extended range up to 114 miles.

That is knocking on the door of nearly 50% more range.

So, how did they do it?  Simply put, the batteries of the latest BMW i3 are more energy dense.  Previously, the range extended i3 had a range total of 150 miles.  The 2017 version now comes with a 25% larger fuel tank.  While numbers haven’t been verified, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the 2017 range-extended i3 knock on the door of 200 total miles.

Now things are starting to make sense.

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