Panoz Esperante Spyder GT

Panoz Esperante Spyder
Panoz Esperante Spyder /
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Panoz Esperanta Spyder GT
Panoz Esperanta Spyder GT /

The instrument cluster has been built and designed just for the car and is totally programmable to the owner’s specifications. All the indicators can be shaped and colored digitally on the screen to the whatever the imagination comes up with. You can even have a custom welcome and farewell message appear as you start and turn off the car. Again, it is totally up to the owner’s preferences as to what they want to see.

As for color and materials for the exterior and interior, the available options are only limited by your budget. As the friendly staff at Panoz explained, they can do just about anything for the right price. If you go too far off the map with your choices it will add to the production time, but that fact they build everything in house means it will be reasonable. The gull wing doors mentioned above required so much engineering that it added six months to the build time, but to the customer it is worth it.

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While you do get to choose the drivetrain package for the car, that is not where it ends. The staff at Panoz will upgrade the motor on site with custom intake and exhaust and tune it to your specifications. With several transmission options available to chose from you can get a traditional manual or paddle shift. Whether you are going to be a track day driver or use it as your daily driver, Panoz will set the car up for what you are looking for.

The Esperante has not appeared to change much over the years, but under the skin the modernization has kept up with the times. From the suspension, to the brakes, or air condition system, you will be hard pressed to find anything better. Not unlike the European sports car makers, every effort is made to update the underpinnings of the car without losing the beauty and originality of the design of the car. When the Mark II makes its arrival later in 2016, it will look very similar but underneath 70% of the car will be completely redesigned.

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