2017 Ford GT: 5 Awesome Stuff About It

Courtesy: Ford Media Center
Courtesy: Ford Media Center /
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One Hell Of A Good-Looker

2017 Ford GT
Courtesy: Ford Media Center /

If looks could kill, then the Ford GT is a serial killer on a killing spree across the country. Make no mistake, this is a serious supercar with so much flamboyance in its styling that the posters are going to make their way to walls in a matter of days. Come on, it’s got exhausts that look like the thrusters on an F22-Raptor!

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with a dozen or more stills of the Ford GT to drool over.

Unlike its predecessor which tried to stay as loyal as it could possibly be to the real 1960s Le Mans racer, the new GT has taken a more progressive design approach. It’s identifiable as a new-generation version of the iconic GT40. But the designers had more freedom this time and that has given us design elements like that radical rear three quarters section. Oh boy, those flying buttresses!

Aerodynamic efficiency (we’ll come to that in a while) was given highest priority. Embracing that completely went on to lend the Ford GT with some of its most defining lines and visual features.