10 best sports cars of the 1990s

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Number 2: Dodge Viper (SR I)

The fact that Dodge decided to kill the Viper is a sign of just how grounded in the 1990s the car actually was. When it came out, it was a brash and mean sports car that only the best drivers could really handle on the track. It was a bonafide track car that was legal to drive on the street. It stayed that way until Dodge was forced to cancel the car just last year.

When it debuted, the vehicle had an aluminum alloy V10 that made 400 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. This was not a car for the faint of heart. Over time, the power output of the V10 only increased, making the vehicle even more of a monster.

Dodge went through some serious changes over the years, but the Viper remained much the same throughout its lifetime. The upgrades improved performance and made it a track God. It set 13 lap time records the year before Dodge had to cancel it, but even that couldn’t save it. It seems that people wanted more sophisticated, albeit slower around a racetrack sports cars. The car will forever be associated with the 90s in many people’s minds.