Audi RS7 Piloted Concept takes the Track this Sunday (150mph video)


It’s 2014.  Where are my flying cars?  Can’t we drive on fusion or water yet?  Why do we need to learn to drive?  Why isn’t everything automated?  Why can’t my car hover?

Despite watching numerous automotive movies as a child, I have accepted the fact that the future of cars isn’t THAT close yet.  We have cars that fly, but aren’t practical. They still run on gas.  Electric power and hybrid power are finally solidifying themselves in the automotive market.

Sure, there are a few cars that have self-parking features.  Audi and Lexus have a few models that can do so.  Radar-controlled cruise control is a more recent feature of luxury cars, and will likely trickle down to modern sedans.

The next thing is automated driving.

What better way to demonstrate automated driving, than a fast lap on a world-class race track, the Hockenheim ring.

"This Sunday, October 19, the Audi RS7 Piloted Concept will hit the Hockenheimring race track at speed – without a driver. The world’s sportiest piloted driving car will take the track at 6:50 am EDT (12:50 CEST) before the finale of the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters).Audi MediaTV will broadcast the run LIVE and provide an exclusive look behind the scenes 6:45 am EDT (12:45 CEST). A video recap will be available for download following the race.Additional videos about the RS7 Piloted Concept including footage, teasers and an embed code for the LIVE feed, are available"

[via Audi. 2014.  Audi RS7 Piloted Concept Takes the Track This Sunday, Oct 19th – Live Feed. [Press Release] Retrieved from]

Early video was released of the Audi RS7 on track.

[Photo and Video via, TheWorldNewCars, YouTube]

The speeds indicated on the video are impressive.  The speedometer reads in kilometers per hour.  Going above 150kph should be around 95 miles per hour on the track.

What would be more interesting is a compared lap time to a race driver.  Let’s see if Audi is willing to take that chance as well.