The 12 Best Bargain Electric Cars

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2015.10.7 Fiat 500e 2 /

It’s been a long time coming but we now live in modern day of motoring where electric cars are not only a viable transportation option compared to its gas-powered brethren but are affordable to the average person. And with hefty rebates on both a federal and state level, purchasing one is an attractive option for many current car owners and even first-time car buyers who live in close proximity to where they work.

Most people shy away from electric cars because of range anxiety (fear of running out of battery far from a charging point) but battery technology grows in leaps and bounds and with that, so does range. Take for example the Nissan Leaf introduced in 2010 which had a range of 73 miles. Five years later and the 2016 Nissan Leaf stuffed with a bigger battery and more efficient transmission now has a 106-mile range. On the other range of the EV cost spectrum, the 2016 Tesla Model S has a range of 276 miles.

This list is dedicated to the 12 best electric cars that are well within the realm of reason for the average consumer. That means a list price of under $50,000 before rebates and the option to theoretically buy one right now if you walked into a showroom. So if you’re ready to drop gas, enjoy the HOV lane and join the growing population of electric cars, here are 12 of your best options right now.

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