The 12 Best Bargain Electric Cars

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#12- 2016 Ford Fusion Energi

Price: $33,900

Range: 21 miles battery only

Battery Size: 7.6 kWh

Power: 195 HP and 129 lb-ft

Ok, these first three cars aren’t pure electrical but their battery-powered range impressive enough to warrant the Ford Fusion Energi and a mention amongst this list.Theoretically, cars like the Chevrolet Volt could run on batteries alone for the life of the car. Those shopping for the Ford Fusion Energi might also cross shop a 2016 Chevrolet Volt and while the Volt does a better job at being fully electric, the Ford Fusion Energi does a better job at acting like a normal car. First, there’s the styling. Amongst this list of electric vehicles, there’s none that does a better job at going green and looking like a million bucks doing it like the Ford Fusion Energi. Without the extra badging, you’d think it was a regular car.

Like the Chevrolet Volt, once the gas engine kicks in so does the total range and with the 2016 Ford Fusion Energi, you get 620 miles worth of it. Driving dynamics are almost identical to a regular Fusion and that bodes well for a family sedan. It’s quick and tidy through the corners.  Inside, there’s room for five with a sizable back seat for three adults in a pinch. If you’ve got lots of luggage, pack light as there’s only 8.2 cu inches, half of a regular Fusion thanks to the battery pack.

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