Top 40 James Bond Vehicles Of All Time

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Bond Skyfall 2
Bond Skyfall 2 /

Equipped with a powerful engine, multiple gadgets at his disposal, and attractive lines befitting of the code number 007, cars have been a cornerstone to the Bond experience since Ian Fleming first put pen to paper. The legend began in 1964 with the release of the film Goldfinger where Sean Connery is seen driving a silver colored Aston Martin DB5 and has continued through all sorts of cars provided by Q with a quick foray with Lotus in the 70’s and mid-80’s and a three-year movie stint with BMW in the 90’s.

With Craig bringing British swag back with a firm commitment to Aston Martin with the V12 Vanquish in “Die Another Day”, the momentum has only increased for Aston Martin with Spectre, showcasing no signs of letting up.

When Bond isn’t equipped with a vehicle, Bond is forced to resort to his natural wit and knowledge that makes Bond a formidable and adaptable protagonist. We see this when Bond is in a pinch and commandeers whatever is around him. Most notably this precedent was established when Bond is forced to drive a 30 HP Citreon 2 CV in “For Your Eyes Only” and runs a tank through Moscow in “GoldenEye.”

And if we followed Ian Fleming’s approach to Bond, we might’ve seen Bond stuck with an older model Bentley peppered in throughout the film. But thankfully when it comes to films, Bond takes the director’s prerogative.

Whatever the situation may be, Bond’s cars are an extension of Bond himself. And it looks like the future is looking bright for Bond in the 21st century.

In honor of Spectre’s release, Art Of Gears counts down the Top 40 Vehicles that Appeared in any of Bond’s film. Let’s get started.

40. Fairlane
40. Fairlane /

#40- 1957 Ford Fairlane

Appeared in:  Die Another Day

When you’re in Havana, Cuba do as the locals do. And with a trade embargo still lingering around, Bond had no other choice but to accept this 1957 Ford Fairlane from Raoul, a sleeper agent, who had supplied James Bond with some information on the whereabouts of one of the villains. Although only driven briefly, the directors still gave the car quite a rolling shot that included a peek into the interior.

The second generation Ford Fairlane was always meant to be a boulevard cruiser and as such, was an important car for Ford during the late 50’s. 1957 marked a new look for Ford which made the Fairlane longer, wider, lower, and sleeker with those iconic tailfins. True to the color options, the one Bond drives sports a white and brown two-tone paint job, a color scheme popular at the time.

Some fans of the film believe that the Ford Fairlane was thrown in as a throwback of sorts to a previous film, Thunderball, where one of SPECTRE’s henchman uses a Fairlane to chase Bond. Ultimately, that henchman is killed and stuffed in the trunk of…you guessed it…a Ford Fairlane. That Fairlane was a different color and sported a hardtop, unlike Bond’s convertible.

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