10 Tips And Tricks That Will Save You Gas Money

Photo Credit: 2016 Ford Fusion Cluster via Ford Motor Company
Photo Credit: 2016 Ford Fusion Cluster via Ford Motor Company /
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Everyone who’s survived the upswings of rising and falling gas prices already knows some of the common tips and tricks out there to save on gas. Some of the more well-known tips include accelerating gradually and avoiding jack rabbit starts, letting your foot off the gas as early as possible when approaching lights, maintaining your tire pressure, avoiding long warm-ups in the morning as well as using your air conditioning when you’re out on the highway.

There are a few more uncommon and not so well known tips and tricks out there, that when used effectively can literally save you hundreds of dollars on gas annually. Some of these tips you can implement right off the bat while a few of these tips might cost you a bit of upfront costs, but nevertheless, will save you gas in the long run.

Contrary to popular belief, if you want to do your part, you don’t have to rush out to buy a brand new 2016 Toyota Prius. You can put any number, if not all these tips and tricks to your daily routine and do your part to conserve and reduce our dependence on foreign oil all the while putting some extra cash in your wallet.

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