Mr. Fusion Almost Real: Bi-Fuel Chevrolet Impala Runs on Table Scraps


Anyone remember watching the movie Back to the Future II?  I watched that movie, more out of the interest of the DeLorean, and less about the script.  That movie showed the DeLorean being able to fly, running on beer, trash, and whatever else was thrown into the Mr. Fusion inlet in the back.

A car that runs on scraps?  That’s cool.  What better way to clean up the environment right?

Well, the automotive world is one step closer to that.

"Trash to fuel, the stuff of the 1980s sci-fi comedy movie trilogy “Back to the Future,” is now a reality. The 2015 Bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala – not a tricked-out DeLorean – really can run on leftovers, table scraps and, oh, yeah, grains from brewing beer.Cleveland-based quasar energy group uses organic waste to produce a renewable energy source known as biogas, which is then converted into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – one of two fuels that can power the 2015 Chevrolet Bi-fuel Impala."

There are tremendous advantages to running cars with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

"“If you can buy renewable fuel at $1.95 per gallon while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, everybody wins,” said Mel Kurtz, president of quasar energy group.   “quasar’s Columbus facility can produce 1.3 million gasoline gallon equivalents of CNG each year.”"

This particular Chevrolet Impala, not only runs on CNG, but regular gas as well.

"The CNG tank mounted in the trunk has the equivalent capacity of 7.8 gallons of gasoline, which is expected to offer approximately 150 city miles of range on compressed natural gas based on GM testing. With gasoline and compressed natural gas combined, expected range is 500 city miles based on GM testing. EPA estimates are not yet available.Impala’s bi-fuel system seamlessly switches to gasoline power when the CNG tank is depleted. Drivers who wish to change fuels while driving can do so by simply pushing a button. A light on the instrument panel indicates when CNG is being used, and there is no interruption in the vehicle’s performance.[via Chevrolet. 2014. Hey, Doc! Sewage, Beer, and Food Scraps Can Power Chevrolet’s Bi-Fuel Impala. [Press Release] Retrieved from]"

While gas prices have dropped the past few months, it would be especially cool to clean up the environment at the same time.  While not save a few bucks as well?

This is a form of alternative energy that isn’t usually thought of, but should be considered as well.