GTR Driver Program for the McLaren P1 Confirmed (video)


Porsche recently celebrated a the 40th year anniversary for their Sport Driving School.

McLaren wants to enhance that experience for the lucky owners of their latest model, the McLaren P1 for the GTR Program.

"The McLaren P1™ GTR will offer an on- and off-track driving experience like no other, with unique access to the technologies and expertise within the McLaren Technology Centre, and the most powerful track-only model ever produced by McLaren Automotive. Dynamic testing is well underway at a range of international race circuits, and the first uncamouflged images show the latest aerodynamic and cooling updates being trialled. In addition, the driver-focused cockpit is shown to be even more purposeful than the road-going model, and has been designed with driver engagement and weight saving key priorities, but no compromise in terms of comfort and safety.The individually-tailored McLaren P1™ GTR driver programme will offer each driver a unique insight into the world of McLaren. Details of the programme, which has previously been experienced by race winners and world champions, are explained on the official McLaren Automotive YouTube channel:"

"‘With the McLaren P1™ GTR driver programme, we have aimed to do something different, very much likethe way we operate the rest of the business. We don’t follow the trends. Our road cars are different to ourcompetitors, so too will be our driving programme,’ Chris Goodwin, Chief Test Driver for McLaren Automotive.The McLaren P1™ GTR will be like no other model ever produced by McLaren Automotive. It is therefore fitting that the McLaren P1™ GTR driver programme will be different to anything offered previously. Drivers will become a member of the world’s most exclusive McLaren ownership programme, and gain a unique insight into the steps McLaren drivers take after signing for the team. With access to the world within the McLaren Technology Centre, each driver will have an unparalleled, and completely unique, experience. As race winners and world champions have before them, each driver will embark on a bespoke driver programme designed to hone and optimise driving skills, and learn how to get the best of themselves and the car.A dedicated track preparation programme, tailored to suit each individual driver, will start at the McLaren Technology Centre and drivers will have access to go behind previously off-limits areas.Paul Mackenzie, McLaren P1™ GTR Programme Director explains: ‘The programme is about enabling our drivers to get themost out of the McLaren P1™ GTR. Before they get out on track, each driver will join us at the MTC andhave unprecedented access to the cutting edge facilities, including the racing simulator. This will enabledrivers to build up a greater understanding of the car’s capabilities and true performance, as well aslearning the braking and turn-in points before they arrive at the circuit. It also allows them to analyse anddiscuss their performance ahead of testing themselves in the real world situation, so they are fully preparedwhen they take to the track.[via McLaren. 2014. First Look at the Track-Focused McLaren P1 GTR Interior as BeSpoke Driver Program Confirmed. [Press Release] Retrieved from]"

Lucky P1 owners can indulge in the full racing experience with their favorite car.  It’s just a winning lottery ticket away…