SEMA: Five Aftermarket Shops Modify Ford Transit Van.. An Off-Roader?

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Vans are known for being practical vehicles on the streets.  Outside of large sport-utility vehicles, they carry up to eight occupants while carrying cargo.

But, have you thought of combining the off-roading, sport utility experience, in a van?  Ford unveiled one off-roading model, along with four other street models.  The street models show the versatility of a van chassis.

Vegas Off-Road Experience Transit

Off-road and premium features of the VORE Transit include:

  • Custom LED interior lighting
  • Five LED flat screens
  •  60-inch LED flat-screen partition
  • Large-screen TV for external viewing
  • Video gaming station
  • Touch-screen tablet controls
  • LED light bars
  • HID headlamps
  • Extended fender flares
  • Off-road wheels and tires

The off-road wheels and tires along with the extended flares add to the off-road capability.  Can the stock suspension handle it? In any case, the front bumper and the HID headlights give an appearance of a post-apocalyptic utility van.