Jaguar: 2016 F-Type R with All-Wheel Drive


The Jaguar F-Type series is a complete redesign from the past.  The “R”-version, takes it up another level with overall aggression.  It’s a luxury sports car that makes a raucous noise, gets tail-happy, and can simmer down on long distance cruises.

Some may find the tail-happy behavior a bit too extreme for one’s tastes.  Now, Jaguar is releasing the F-Type R, with all-wheel drive.

"“Our target with engineering the all-wheel-drive F-TYPE was to maintain the engaging rear-drive character that’s so important to Jaguar sports cars, yet offer even greater dynamic capability.” – Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar"

This isn’t just any all-wheel drive system.  Like the Audi R8, it’ll be an all-wheel drive system with an emphasis on rear-drive bias. This allows the Jaguar to retain its sporty character, while providing a greater level of security in various weather conditions.

The addition of all-wheel-drive is one of a number of performance enhancements to the award-winning Jaguar F-TYPE model range which will grow from six to 12 derivatives in the 2016 model year – the full model range will debut at the 2014 Los Angeles International Auto Show on November 19.

Full details of the new 2016 model year F-TYPE model range will be announced at the 2014 Los Angeles International Auto Show on November 19. The Jaguar Land Rover press conference will take place at 2:40 pm PST (22:40 GMT). Andy Green will be available at the press conference to confirm the full extent of the technical collaboration between Jaguar and the Bloodhound SSC program.

1 Always follow local speed limits

2 These features are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions, etc.  Driver should not assume that these features will correct errors of judgment in driving.  Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for more details.

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