SEMA: Scion FR-S Models Win Tuner Challenge


The Scion FR-S model is an excellent platform.  It provides a lot of features that automotive enthusiasts want in a sports car.  There’s a 7,500 rpm redline, rear-wheel-drive, head room to wear a helmet for track days, a rear bench that can fit two OEM wheels and tires safely, a 6-speed manual, and a lot of versatility with its driving dynamics.

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  • Three competitors took the the FR-S up for a Tuner Challenge, with the top three models going to well-known Speed Hunters, Super Street, and GT Channel.

    With a 90-day timeline, the three media partners received a stock Scion FR-S and $15,000 to bring their designs to life. The remaining competitors were Super Street, a magazine dedicated to covering high-performance customized cars and lifestyle, and GT Channel, a car video network focused on drifting videos, car racing and new vehicle tests. First place earned a $10,000 grand prize.

    Super Street placed second in the Tuner Challenge, while GT Channel placed third.

    "“Speedhunters presented an FR-S that was not only creative and labor-intensive, but stood out to the judges as something fans would love to see at the SEMA show,” said Landy Joe, Scion auto shows and special events manager. “Each team took the Scion FR-S Series 1.0 to new heights and proved that just about anything is possible when it comes to this vehicle.”“My goal was to customize the FR-S with a 1970s, IMSA style look to it, and I’m incredibly pleased with what we were able to produce,” said Keith Charvonia, technical editor at Speedhunters. “It feels awesome to take home this victory for the Speedhunters team.”"

    Not only was the FR-S by Speed Hunters well executed by the IMSA team, it looks relatively easy to transform the car into this exact look.  A duck-tail spoiler, a front lip, a new wheel-tire combination along with a lowered suspension is enough to get the car started.  The rest is done to emulate the IMSA paint work.

    Outside of the modified seats, steering wheel, and covers for the gear lever and brake lever, the interior is mostly stock.

    This is just another example of why the Scion FR-S makes for a great chassis for modifications.  Can you imagine driving this thing legally?

    It’s possible, and it’s not that difficult to imagine anymore.

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