Dream Car Make and Model Mixmatch: Is that a Scion iM? Or Toyota Impreza?

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Subaru Clio V6 255

Don’t recognize the name?  Don’t be surprised.  Renault hasn’t been stateside since the 1980’s, but Europe gets the best hatchbacks, and lots of them are made by Renault.  The Renault Clio V6 255 is a hatchback, similar to a Volkswagen GTi, but it has a chassis twist; it has a mid-engine set up and it’s rear-wheel drive.

Yes, the engine sits inbetween the two rear windows.  It also has a reputation for spinning out when being driven on the limit.  Something about polar moment of inertia, a short wheelbase, and a mid-engine set up causes cars to spin.

That’s what makes it fun, right?

The Scion iM hatchback looks almost exactly like a 2012 Subaru WRX STi hatchback. The front end just has a few sharper edges with the body kit.

Now, with a Subaru Clio V6 255, it would essentially be an all-wheel-drive hatchback with a mid-engine set up.  No more unnecessary spins when driving on the limit.  All of the Subaru reliability is built in.  Now, it’s a mini-Audi R8 that can attack roads in all-weather conditions, with an extra bit of chassis dynamic from the mid-engine layout.