Dream Car Make and Model Mixmatch: Is that a Scion iM? Or Toyota Impreza?

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Porsche Mr2 Turbo

If there is a car that I miss dearly, it is my 1993, naturally aspirated, Toyota Mr2.  It was lightweight, fun to drive, economical, and cheap to run.  The best part, was getting a driver’s challenge every time I got behind the wheel.  It has scared me a few times.  The tail has thrown out unpredictably before.  If one tire caught a puddle of rain and the road undulated, the tail swung.  It did that a few times, but I always managed to catch it.

Toyota experimented with the suspension set up.  Although it was refined from the 1991 chassis, the upgrades to the suspension from 1993 and later, still made the car nervous at the limit.

Enter Porsche.  They have refined the chassis dynamics of the Boxster and Cayman for nearly a decade.  At road legal speeds, canyon driving is that much easier.  All my Mr2 ever needed was a bit more power and the ability to handle on-the-limit driving.  The look of the Mr2 is still modern to this day.