Dream Car Make and Model Mixmatch: Is that a Scion iM? Or Toyota Impreza?

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Scion 300ZX

One of my dream cars was built at SEMA.  It’s a Scion FR-S with a removable top, a turbo, and rear louvers. It is, essentially, a Nissan 300ZX with the Scion FR-S treatment.

This makes it very easy to imagine a worked out FR-S.  Some people have complained that the FR-S needs more torque or horsepower.  I contend that the chassis is so good, it can handle all of the power the engine is throwing out.  That makes it a very manuverable chassis, one that’s easy to have fun at road legal speeds.  The rear louvers add a bit of a 1980’s look, and the removable top reminds me of the arcade game OutRun.   It just seems like the perfect car for night driving and to take to the beach.