Cadillac: Introducing An M3 Fighter with the ATS-V


Cadillac has revamped their latest designs. They are all based on former concept cars, with very sharp lines and aggressive fascia. The latest offering from Cadillac is no different. Introducing, the new ATS-V.

BMW has expanded their range with the latest 2-series and 4-series. However, their latest chassis has softened up a bit. Hydraulic power steering has been replaced by electric steering. Dual Clutch Transmissions are becoming more prodominant in the market.  High-revving inline-sixes or eight-cylinder cars are gone, all replaced by turbo systems.

Cadillac is trying to compete against the BMW benchmark car.

The ATS-V arrives next spring, powered by the first-ever twin-turbocharged engine in a V-Series. Rated at an estimated 455 horsepower (339 kW) and 445 lb-ft of torque (603 Nm), the engine is the segment’s highest-output six-cylinder and enables 0-60 performance in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of more than 185 mph. It is backed by a six-speed manual – with Active Rev Match, no-lift shifting and launch control – or a paddle-shift eight-speed automatic transmission featuring launch control and Performance Algorithm Shift.

The Cadillac Twin Turbo engine supports comprehensively redesigned chassis, suspension and drivetrain systems developed to make the ATS-V one of the most agile, responsive and confident luxury performance cars on the market. Key performance technologies include:

  • Brembo high-performance brake system developed to provide durability, consistency and the capability for track-day performance straight from the factory
  • Third-generation Magnetic Ride Control, which delivers 40 percent faster damping response
  • Integrated chassis controls that provide balanced performance for touring and the track, including class-exclusive Performance Traction Management
  • Structural stiffness increased by 25 percent for higher cornering loads
  • Driver-selectable driving modes for touring, sport and track
  • Tri-compound tires offering excellent grip with extended tire wear
  • Available downforce-generating track aerodynamics package
  • Functional exterior design for powertrain and drivetrain cooling, as well as aerodynamic performance
  • An interior with high-performance seats and ergonomics focused on the driver’s interfaces with key features for performance driving.

“As the smallest and lightest V-Series ever, the ATS-V forges a great connection with the driver, with exceptional nimbleness and responsiveness,” said David Leone, Cadillac Executive Chief Engineer. “It’s adaptable to the driver’s preferences, with every selectable mode developed to deliver the best performance for all types of driving scenarios, including the track.”

The latest offering is a more elegant design than the rounded, amoebic-nature of the latest BMW M3 and M4 front ends.  This is a simpler approach to performance.  We can’t wait to see what it can do on the track.

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