Fiat Abarth 695 Biposto, Pure Hatchback Madness


Fiat has gone mad with their latest hatchback, the Abarth 695 Biposto.

The selection of hot hatches is rather limited in the United States.  The foremost vehicles that come to mind are the Ford Fiesta ST, Ford Focus ST, and Volkswagen GTi.  Hatchbacks offer one of the best combinations of practicality with seating up to five people and adequate trunk space for extended road trips.  The size allows the hatchback to be easier placed in the race for grocery parking spots.  Best of all, it can still be made into a great performance chassis without blowing up the budget.

The Fiat 500 is even more diminutive, sacrificing horsepower for has mileage.  The Fiat 500 Turbo and Abarth versions are also available for the enthusiasts who simply want more performance.

However, Fiat pushed things to a whole new level with their latest Abarth 695. in the UK is the first blog to write about the car.

So, what makes this car so mad?  Let’s start with the price.  The car costs 50,000 pounds. Converted into U.S. dollars, let’s just say it’s the price of a decent Porsche Cayman S.  Sound mad?  It is, but that’s not what makes the hatchback stand out.

The definitive option to get is the 6-speed dogbox.  Who doesn’t want to drive like a rally driver?  The dogbox allows for quick shifts and adds beefy, mechanical sound to every shift.

The car comes with a carbon fiber front diffuser, wider wheel arches, and 190bhp.  The whole vehicle has been lightened to mirror a weight class similar to a Lotus Elise.

But, for people who want a completely different driving experience, this is the car. It’s expensive. It’ll be rare to find on the road. It’ll allow for unusually quick runs to point B with its diminutive size and easy to drive style.

Too bad it won’t be available in the U.S.