Audi RS7: Automated Car vs. Person at Ascari (AutoExpress)


Just how good is an automated car?  How close is it to being on the road?  As this video will point out, very close.

Automated cars have been thought of as controversial.  Who is really in charge?  What if there’s a malfunction with the hardware or software?  Can a manufacturer be to blame for an accident, even with the driver in the driver’s seat?

California is one of the more progressive states.  Google cars have been mapping out areas for years now, and are often seen in Northern California.  As time passed, they eventually found their way to Southern California, casually mapping out what they see.

Well, Audi has taken it to the next step.  Here, they take a loaded, 560bhp Audi RS7 for a hot lap around the track.

[Video via AutoExpress, YouTube]

The video quickly walks through the equipment needed to automate the driving experience.  Infrared cameras, multiple front, rear, and top view cameras, and multiple ultrasonic sensors allow the car to be aware of its’ environment.  Basically, the hardware is giving the car sight, as well as sonar, like bats sensing their location through sound.

Now, that’s not all.  Not only is Mat Wilson of Auto Express putting up a lap time, but he’s doing so on the Ascari race track.  Those unfamiliar with the race track, should know that it incorporates the most challenging corners of various race tracks, especially F1 tracks, around the world.  Even fast road cars have lap times well over two minutes.  It’s lengthy and challenging.  It undulates and throws your from corner to corner with a different dimension.

Mat put up a competitive lap time.  During the self-piloted lap, a race driver was included in the driver’s seat for safety.  Yet, during the hot lap, they managed to take a selfie and upload it onto Facebook.  That passes the ultimate disctracted driving test.

Watch the video to see just how well the self-piloted RS7 did on the race track!