Hyundai Unveils All New 2016 Hyundai Tucson


If you don’t already know, the small Crossover SUV market is super hot right now and Hyundai have once again raised the bar for everyone else just a little bit higher earlier today. On the opening day of the New York International Auto Show,  Hyundai unveiled its all-new 2016 Hyundai Tucson to the world.

“The new Tucson offers a fresh, sporty exterior and appealing interior design while making overall fuel efficiency a top priority, with significantly enhanced fuel economy ratings over the previous model.”

Hyundai has revealed that pretty much everything about the Tucson has been more refined and improved. The engine choices have been bolstered by the inclusion of direct injection turbo offerings from their Gamma lineup. The body has been stretched and widened in all three directions by about an inch all around and much attention was taken to focus on overall levels of road noise and smooth driving dynamics.

Sure this Hyundai Tucson increases overall MPG by one mile, more powerful engines over the previous generation are on the table and its quieter inside, but I think the big news is that massaged exterior. The line between midsize and compact crossover gets ever smaller, and the American market frankly doesn’t care about the size. Bigger is always a better value.

The front sports Hyundai’s all new grill design and is flanked by a svelt and up to date headlight design. The show rims are probably reserved for the top of the line Tucson, but those wheel arches are massive. That means Hyundai will probably stuff some impressive wheels underneath, even in base trim. Out back, those rear tails wrap around the rear quarter panel and there’s even a faux diffuser.

The American market already knows that Hyundai is the value choice. That means premium materials inside and accessories that come standard that otherwise would’ve been optional in other models.

Needless to say, this newest Tucson is a home run and has set all other manufacturers on notice.