This 800 HP Electric Mustang Makes Tesla Look Slow


If you told Lee Iacocca that 47 years later, his iconic Mustang would be reinvented and re-engineered to accept electric motors instead of its infamous internal combustion engines, he wouldn’t have believed it. But that’s exactly what Mitch Medford of Bloodshed Motors based out of Austin Texas is doing. The Verge released an awesome article on their experience meeting the “all-electric muscle car” entrepreneur earlier yesterday and artfully weaved the details of this electric pony car that has the car community at full attention.

After leaving his job at a very lucrative tech company, Mitch Medford turned his passion that surrounded his love for fast drag electric cars into a startup that turns classic Detroit muscle into electric “car rockets”. He only has this one 1968 Ford Mustang as his test vehicle and has yet to find his first customer, but a simple test drive with Medford in his Zombie 222 (that’s what the car is called) would be enough to push some potential buyers over the proverbial fence.

Powering this electric beast is a pair of 11-inch electric motors controlled by a pair of Zilla controllers and wired into a 40 kWh battery pack. That’s enough hardware to give the classic Mustang a zero to 60 speed of 2.4 seconds and a theoretical 200 MPH top speed.

All electric cars are fun. The amount of torque available off the line coupled with the fact that it’s a green energy makes the age of electric cars exciting. Tesla has broken down the barriers of entry for intrepid entrepreneurs and its only a matter of time before electric cars become mainstream.

Electric tuners like Mitch Medford will be the new kings of the drag strip and young kids will be clamoring over who has the fastest electric engines on a Friday night. Thanks to pioneers like Medford and Musk, fast internal combustion engines may take second fiddle to this wave of electric power.

If you want the full details on his build, check out his thread on Garage Journal.