Why Nissan’s 370Z Fake Engine Noise Is A Good Thing


Nissan announced earlier yesterday that not only are they chopping the price of their 370Z by $10 grand, but are adding in fake engine noises as well. The 2016 Nissan 370Z now utilizes Bose Stereo technology, and the same headphone noise canceling technology you’ve grown to love on long airplane rides is now in the Nissan 370Z. Here’s why this is actually a good thing.

According to Nissan, “The ANC system generates canceling sound to remove undesirable low frequency engine noise, while preserving invigorating sounds of engine performance, providing a more “pure” sound. The ASE enhances natural engine sounds to help bolster the driver’s acceleration experience.”

Not only has the revised 370Z been bolstered with more standard equipment, it’s interior cabin noise has been improved upon greatly.”Enhancements included better steering feel through use of revised steering column bushings and steering software, as well as better noise isolation through use of a revised front engine mount design and improved body insulation.”

A quick google search for keywords “Nissan 370Z” and “road-noise” will reveal a plethora of forum threads and discussions dedicated to the fact that although this is the second generation of the 350Z, road noise wasn’t improved that much through the years.

This year, Nissan’s engineers have changed that, and therein lies the rub. You simply can’t have your cake and eat it too (pardon the cliche.) If you want a quieter car, you’ll have to live without that lovely VQ emanating through the floorboards.

This is a phenomenon that has been happening all across the board for cars. BMW uses a sound pipe to tunnel in some noise into the cabin.Ford has infamously added fake engine noises as well through the speakers just like Nissan. Even Volkswagen has a dedicated sound clip that imitates engine noise during certain RPM’s.

Here’s a video of Ford’s Ecoboost Mustang with its fake engine noises unmasked.

With small turbo four cylinders making their way into engine bays as well as even the cheapest econo-cars having better sound isolation technology, it’s harder for people to hear there beloved engines without having to roll the windows down.

Fake engine noise is a good thing. You can cruise quietly at freeway speeds but still enjoy a bit of engine noise thanks to these new technologies.