GoFundMe Set Up For Instructor In Disney’s Exotic Driving Experience Tragedy


A GoFundMe has been set up for Gary Terry, a 36-year old driving instructor who tragically passed away in Orlando, Florida earlier yesterday. Donations are being accepted to offset the expenses that will come from the funeral expenses.

In addition, a memorial fund is simultaneously being set up to help get his two-year-old daughter through college when she graduates from high school. Within hours, close to $10 thousand has already been donated.

The incident unfolded within minutes earlier Sunday at the Exotic Driving Experience located just outside of Disney World’s Orlando property. The experience allows paying customers the chance to pilot high powered sports cars around a racetrack under the watchful eyes of an instructor.

24-year-old Tavon Watson was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo with Gary sitting shotgun when he lost control of the Italian sports car and slammed into a guardrail with the passenger side hitting first. Gary was instantly killed and the surrounding  facilities were immediately closed off for an investigation.

No charges have been filed against Tavon as this is an unexpected accident, but it does bring to light the dangers that come with driving cars at high speed.

The track itself was supposed to close anyways later in August and Disney officials say that this incident has nothing to do with that fact.

I’m pretty sure the driver feels terrible for the accident. No one intends to kill someone when they sign up for what was supposed to be an unforgettable driving experience.

Instructors have the ability to dial back the engine’s power via the throttle cable. For instance, driving down the pitlane, engine power is limited to around 30 percent. If the instructor feels you’re fairly confident enough in your abilities, 100 percent power is granted.

Road and Track did an interesting piece highlighting the dangers of handing over the reins of a highly tuned sports car to mere amateurs. Is an afternoon of instructor coached driving enough to prepare novice drivers to handle upwards of 700 HP? Probably not.

Here’s one person’s POV experience of the Exotic Driving Experience. In some of the related video’s, some of the drivers were hitting speeds approaching 125 MPH.