Watch The Toyota TS040 Hybrid Come In For A Pitstop


The FIA World Endurance Championship is underway and the season opener at Silverstone saw a three-way battle between Audi, Porsche and Toyota for top spots. Toyota took third that day but not without giving a good fight in the 6-hour endurance battle while the Audi E-tron Quattro was overall victorious.

One lucky fan was just above the Toyota TS040 Hybrid racecar that came in for a pit stop. In less than one-minute the prototype racecar came in for fuel, had it’s windshield cleaned, changed all four tires and changed the driver as well. Not too shabby.

In an endurance race, every second counts and it looks like Toyota had this pitstop down to a science.

If you listen closely towards the end, the Toyota TS040 leaves the pit as silently as it comes in. Then maybe a few hundred meters from the pit crew, its engine fires up to life. That’s because the Toyota TS040 is a full on hybrid. Using a supercapacitor system in the front and rear axles, a temporary boost of power can be applied at any time. In addition, four-wheel drive capabilities can be exploited.

Total power output is 1000 PS or just about 986 HP.

Those new advances enabled the team to steal first and at least podium with one of their two cars at every race last year meaning they won the constructors championship for prototypes.

Looks like all changed this year as the season opener showed increased competition between the teams.

Check out the highlights from the race in Silverstone last weekend here.

But if you’re wondering who the real masters of the pitstop are, look no further than Redbull Racing in Formula 1. Since Formula 1 removed the refuel option for a pitstop, most cars come in for a tire change and maybe a spoiler adjustment.

That calls for lighting quick stops that if you literally blink, you just might miss it altogether.

Redbull Racing has infamously breached the two second pit stop time and average just above two seconds every time.