London Road Rage Incident Goes Viral


You’d expect to see this type of behavior only on the freeways of Los Angeles, but it seems road rage is a universal phenomenon. It looks like a bit of classic road rage erupted earlier this week on the East Side of London and it has the internet in full uproar of the stereotypical incident.

No one at this time is entirely sure what happened, but it apparently involves the parties in the black BMW and the white BMW.

GLIDan on VW Vortex possibly was able to give some insight on the incident (mind you, his exact words were changed in order to keep it somewhat safe for work.)

“The guy in the black BMW tries to one up the White BMW by using the bus lane possibly for passing.  The White BMW, realizing he is about to be out played goes for maximum effect and blocks the black BMW resulting in an accident. Black BMW then goes to HULK mode and removes shirt to break white BMW’s window in a show of supremacy. The video then begins.”

What ensues is a show of complete lack of logical thinking, which is what happens in heated situations such as this.

First, the owner of the black BMW confronts the white BMW driver sans shirt.

Notice the plates of the white BMW(if it couldn’t get any more stereotypical.

After a bit of a scuffle that sees the owner of the black BMW accosting the owner of the white BMW, the white BMW guns it into an adjacent Mercedes coupe in another lane.

Mayhem ensues that sees a white Prius involved in collateral damage.

The police finally show up within minutes and sort everything out.
It should be noted that the owner of the white BMW also had a wife and child in the car.

Keeping a cool head is paramount in situations like this. With innocent bystanders and cars on all sides, minimizing egos and maximizing logical thinking will always reign supreme.

Unfortunately for these two BMW drivers, that wasn’t the case.