Watch Larry Kosilla Prep A Lexus LFA With 82 Miles For Clearbra


How do you protect a practically brand new Lexus LFA before taking it out for a proper romp? Well according to Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC, if you have the time and money, you get it professionally ClearBraed.

According to Kosilla, there are two types of new car paints that you should be aware of. First is the paint that has been sitting on the showroom floor for more than 60 days. By this time, all the gasses of fresh paint have vented and the paint has had time to cure.

Paint that shouldn’t be touched is paint that has been freshly applied (say straight from a body shop.)

Kosilla further reminds us that detailers shouldn’t touch the paint of a brand new car just for the sake of touching and correcting it.

Factory paint straight from the factory should technically be perfect and no further correction is needed.

What Larry Kosilla goes into next is a seven step process that is supposed to be the least invasive way to prep paint for clearbra application, but for all intents and purposes, it’s pretty intensive for an amateur.

First Larry applied his special iron decontamination and clay lubricant to the Lexus LFA to identify any trouble spots.

Next, Larry applied a heavy amount of soap via his foam gun. Notice he hasn’t touched the paint physically yet.

Then he pressure washes the entire body.

After the pressure wash, a thorough claying of any trouble areas found in step 1 is done.

Larry then hand washes the entire car again, focusing on the spots he just clayed.

After a nice spray down, he uses compressed air to get out any moisture from the hard to reach places.

Finally, Larry dries the entire Lexus LFA with his patented “priming the dry cloth” technique.

Even after all that, Larry still manages to find one or two scratches that he easily buffs out.

Only after all this is the car ready for Clearbra application.

The whole video is a testament to the amount of work and forethought that goes into properly taking care of paint, even when brand new.

Paint, although not alive obviously, is very much a dynamic medium that is constantly changing based on how much we drive and protect it.

Afterall, what good is all this protection if we can’t take out our cars to show off.

So do yourself a favor and watch the entire detailed video. It’s well worth your time.