Watch This K24 Owner In His First Stages Of Supercharger Bliss


Adding 70 wheel horsepower to your car in hours is pretty much a no-brainer if you’re a gearhead. That’s exactly what Youtube user WhiteSiGuy recently did to his relatively stock K24 equipped Honda Civic Si when he threw on his Comptech’s CT-E Supercharger kit one afternoon.

It’s actually quite entertaining watching the entire ordeal play out over the course of a few weeks on his videos. If you have the time, they’re well worth the watch.

Almost like a newborn Dad documents the arrival of his firstborn (but not really,)  WhiteSiGuy took us through the arrival of his long-awaited Comptech Supercharger Kit.

Then came supporting mods.

And a few days later, the Supercharger was slapped on.

Finally, after a bit of tuning and letting everything settle in nicely, we have our first foray into triple digit territory after a quick drive down to Mexico.

And he’s right. Besides the fact that there’s so much usable torque down low now, that supercharger whine might be enough to make all the time and money invested worth the effort.

Out the box, a stock K24 Honda Civic Si makes 205 HP at 7000 RPM and 174 lbs-ft of torque a bit lower down the rev range.

With the supercharger kit and all his supporting mods, WhiteSiGuy conservatively placed his 2014 Honda Civic Si at 270 HP to the wheels. Not too shabby for four hours of actual wrenching.

If you have a 9th generation Civic Si yourself (or any late model Honda with a K24 for that matter) and want to live vicariously through this build, hit that subscribe button on his channel.