Richard Hammond Is Officially Bored


It’s been a couple of weeks since Top Gear was officially pulled off the air and it looks like one of its presenters, Richard Hammond, is officially bored. Don’t take my word for it since the youtube channel he used to upload the video on was aptly called, “Richard Hammond is bored.”

Hammond even labeled his first video he uploaded earlier today as “Bored.”

Anyone who’s been a fan of the show already knows that Richard Hammond is pretty much an American Farm hand born in a British body. His fan for all things American from drive-in diners, to Ford Mustangs all the way to NASCAR is well known throughout the show.

So what does one of the busiest TV show hosts do when he has no job? He goes to his original love, which happens to be farm life.

We’re not entirely sure who was filming, but it looks like a camera crew followed “The Hamster” as he spent a couple of days on a farm doing…farm things.

First we open up on a scene reminiscent of Charlie Brown, except replace Snoopy with Richard Hammond.

Then Hammond drives up to a farm where he helps feed some cows.

After a long day of work, like any ordinary guy he heads into the local pub for a drink with the locals.

After helping a friend find some sheep, he loads some sheep into his trailer. Apprently that’s the whole reason he came up there in the first place, to get some sheep.

But in the end it looks like he forgot something. His dog!

Rumors are already milling around that Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson will return to a car show together sooner rather than later.

Who knows? This might all be a brilliant ruse to get some needed PR for the three?

Or perhaps the hosts needed some time for themselves and needed an alibi to take a much-needed vacation?

Nevertheless, it looks like each of the three hosts is doing some good with their time.

Just last week, Jeremy Clarkson was seen hosting an annual auction he helps out with.

James May even has his own YouTube Channel as well where he posts videos of him doing, well, James May things.

These men clearly are itching to get back in front of the camera. It will only be a matter of time.