Watch FastGuyRacing’s SFWD Honda Civic Run 9’s


Honda Civics aren’t supposed to run 9’s in the quarter mile, but these guys running in the SFWD class do so “on the daily.” He’s called FastGuyRacing and yes his Honda Civic can make it down the quarter mile faster than 2015 McLaren P1.

FastGuyRacing runs in the SFWD (Sport Front Wheel Drive) class which means there are certain restrictions that keep the imports which they are based on looking as stock as possible without going overboard. That means the full original chassis and glass must be used, the suspension must be kept in the stock style and there has to be at least one headlight. In addition, the front tire size can only be 25 inches by 9.5 inches wide. There are other rules, but you get the gist.

You can throw on a turbo, but depending on how much you weigh (the total weight of the car), you’re limited in size. Tip the scales at 2,200 lbs and you’re limited to a 67 mm turbo. 200 more lbs and you can use a 72mm turbo.

Keep the stock long block and throw in all new aftermarket internals with a good tune and spraying nitrous and these Civic’s (including FastGuy’s) are throwing down at least 900 HP all to the front wheels.

In the East Coast, the SFWD class of drag racing is super popular.

The Daytona 500 of the drag racing series for the year usually kicks off with the first Honda Day event. The event name “Honda Day” might be a little confusing. It’s actually 3 separate events over a weekend on 3 different race tracks.

Honda Day events are big. There’s usually thousands of people attending, a giant car show and plenty of drag racing.

Anyone slightly into Honda’s already knows who FastGuyRacing is. His build is all over Youtube (at least last year’s build and this year’s dyno run) and with over 36,000 followers on Instagram, he’s quite the personality.

Well, last week his 2015 build finally made its way down the quarter mile.

His Civic will definitely go faster and break into the 8’s. How far into the 8’s? We’ll just have to wait and see.

So if you’re a Honda head or like fast imports in general, you should definitely give FastGuyRacing’s Instagram a follow and keep up to date with Nyce1’s uploads too.