Check Out Manny Pacquiao’s Collection Of Cars

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If you told Manny Pacquiao as a kid, the same kid that dropped out of school to sell donuts, that one day he’d be the world’s greatest pound for pound fighter he’d probably not believe you.

If you also told him after his first fight that one day he’d fight the greatest boxers of our time and own a bevy of cars to cruise in, he’d still not believe you. But all that has pretty much come true.

From a superstar boxer with such humble beginnings, it’s easy to see the same kind attitude and overwhelming culture shock to American life by how Manny Pacquiao acts and what he spends his money on. And to ordinary Americans, it’s easy to judge a man by the spectrum of cars that he has in his garage.

For Manny Pacquiao, his adequate but sizeable collection runs the entire gamut. From a mediocre Mitsubishi SUV in his home country to rolling up to practice at Wild Card in L.A. in his brand new Ferrari 458.

You won’t find a plethora of Instagram photos of Manny posing next to his rides or paparazzi constantly finding Pacquiao cruising L.A. in his Ferrari because he’s very low-key about his wealth.

Here are a couple of cars that Manny Pacquiao proudly calls his own.

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