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1997-2000 Generation Mitsubishi Pajero

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a sport utility vehicle built by Mitsubishi Motors and sold in various countries (most notably the Philippines) since the early 80’s. Relatively inexpensive, compact, and rugged, it’s a favorite choice for those living in remote areas who commute to metropolitan areas regularly.

You probably know the Pajero by its other name, the Montero. Different names, same exact vehicle.

Here’s a video of a similar Pajero owned by Manny Pacquiao fording a flooded street in the Philippines, which happens more often than you can imagine (it’s a tropical country after all.)

So what is one of arguably the most famous Filipino in the world doing with a simple SUV? Probably just sticking to his roots. Not one to needlessly discard a perfectly good vehicle, Pacquiao probably keeps it as a reminder of his early start.

In a lot of ways, the Pajero exemplifies Pacquiao. Quick when it needs to be and in it for the long haul.

Manny’s Pajero was probably equipped with Mitsubishi’s Cyclone V6 engine. The 3.5L V6 powerplant is good enough for 260 HP and 239 lbs-ft of torque. With the rally winning Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in its lineage, the rally-inspired suspension, and simple interior ensures that the Pajero’s owner is up to any road obstacle but doesn’t necessarily compromise on comfort.

All in all, a good first car for Manny.

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