This Is Floyd Mayweather’s Exotic Car Collection

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. or “Money Mayweather” as he likes to be called, is one of boxing’s most polarizing figures. From how he carries his personal swagger to how he dodges opponents in the ring (figuratively and literally.)

But there’s no denying that he’s like almost every other boxer when it comes to the end of the fight and how he spends his earnings, he enjoys himself.

Floyd likes to spend his cash and spend it well. One of his favorite pastimes? Buying cars.

Would it surprise you that Floyd “Money” Mayweather buys the majority of his cars from a Dodge dealership? It’s because he actually does according to USA Today.

But out of the dozens of cars that Floyd has bought and enjoyed during his boxing career, which ones does he treasure the most? A quick look on Instagram will reveal his favorites. Especially when Mayweather posed in front of a private jet with eight of his fastest steeds by his side recently.

If you look closely, Floyd’s got three Bugatti Veyron’s in a row. Who do you know owns more than one Bugatti? Not many.

Here’s just a taste of what’s in Mayweather’s garage based this infamous Instagram photo.

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