This Pharrell Themed PT Cruiser Is What Dreams Are Made Of


The PT Cruiser. One of the most customized vehicles on planet earth and most popular for the ease which its owners enter and egress through its commodious interior.

Pharrell’s “Happy” Single. Catchy, popular and had the distinction of being number one on The Billboard’s Top 100 list for ten consecutive weeks before being pushed off by John Legend. If you’re a big enough fan, you can listen to the song for a full 24-hours.

You wouldn’t think that someone who was a fan of both these popular, yet categorically different pieces of pop culture would be able to combine both into one single entity. Yet here it is in all its glory.

Model Chelsea Dawn happened to be enjoying her day in sunny Las Vegas and according to her Instagram post, she was walking outside past a local nail salon when this particular PT Cruiser left her absolutely speechless.

There’s so much going on here, it deserves a complete breakdown. First we have the hood. Nothing to serious really. Lowriders have airbrushed scenes of well-endowed brunettes in various poses on their hoods, so this isn’t too surprising. There’s Pharell Williams nicely dressed in a simple tux. Heck, his suit, you can argue, blends well with the exterior paint.

Then there’s the sun shade banner. It’s always blazingly bright in Vegas. Understandable.

Then it get’s interesting. Chelsea graciously posted a side view of the PT Cruiser on her twitter.

On the driver’s door we get a glimpse of what’s to come. “Clap along….” Yup, the owner just went there. Then there’s Pharell in his patented hat.

Finally, we get a glimpse of the rear. Welp, there’s half the song lyrics on the rear window.  Then there’s the first two sentences of the opening verse on the door itself next to a portrait of Pharell that would seem more appropriate on an album cover or an unfortunate obit.

The piece de resistance is the license plate. Happy is a five letter word. If you’re extra happy you throw in two more A’s.

There you have it. The Pharell PT Cruiser is alive and well in Las Vegas.

Clap along…