Roush Stage 3 2015 Mustang Dynos In At 670 HP


There was no denying that the chassis that had the most aftermarket attention done to it for the 2015 SEMA Show was the all new Ford Mustang. Roush showed up with its Stage 3 supercharger kit and got quite a bit of attention with claims of 630 plus HP.

Now that its finally hit they dyno, the boys at Roush were proud to announce that their kit makes 670 HP all to the rear wheels. More impressive is the generous torque curve coming in at 545 lbs-ft of torque.

A little bit of the credit has to go to Ford’s engineers for finally introducing an IRS (independent rear suspension) in the rear of the Mustang. With the suspension ready to handle proper on track duties, the big 3 American tuners, Roush, Saleen and Hennessey jumped on board to throw copious amounts of power thanks to upgradeable packages.

The Roush Stage 3 is one of them.

Motivating all that additional air comes courtesy of Roush Performance’s R2300 TVS supercharger on top. Standard equipment on the Roush Stage 3 package is a single adjustable coil over system with an optional 3 way adjustable system available as well. But with the large majority of owners probably only bringing out there Roush Stage 3’s to local car meets, the occasional stop light drag and freeway pull, the single adjustable suspension should do just fine.

How much does all this additional power add onto the price of a base vehicle? $21,995.

Not only does that price tag guarantee you dyno proven numbers, it comes with a three year /36,000-mile warranty as well.

Click here for the full parts list and details.