Chevrolet Sonic Is IIHS 2015 Top Safety Pick


The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has been crashing cars for more than 50 years so they know a thing or two about safety. According to GM Authority, The IIHS was recently rewarded the 2015 Chevrolet Sonic a 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick. This only applies to those vehicles made after February 2015.

The Chevrolet Sonic has been selling well, but not good enough for the higher ups in GM. In order to boost sales, GM decided to drastically start improving on the safety of its subcompact car offering. Last year, the Chevrolet Sonic could’ve received a top safety pick, but the newly introduced small overlap test was a thorn in the side of Chevrolet’s marketing team. The Sonic received a marginal score rather than good. 4/5 wouldn’t cut it.

So guess where Chevrolet’s engineers decided to bulk up the Sonic’s safety. According to GM,

"The Sonic’s improvements in the Small Overlap Front Crash Protection Test – due to changes in the front-end structure, door sill and door pillar for the midyear 2015 model – were enough to give it a “good” rating."

And there we have it, the Chevrolet Sonic could finally be touted as the ONLY subcompact car to have a Top Pick rating from the IIHS. The Honda Fit only has an acceptable rating in that same area. The Ford Fiesta was like the Sonic last year, only marginal in the small front overlap test. And the Mazda 2 in all its cost-cutting, has marginal ratings for side and head restraints and only acceptable for the small front overlap test.

The subcompact market is extremely competitive. Cutthroat if you will. All offerings have similar engine power ratings, amenities and driving characteristics. Chevrolet has found a way to differentiate itself from the herd. If you want a better shot at staying safe and in one piece in a small car, choose the Sonic.

Check out this walkaround of the Chevrolet Sonic by Cameron Car Reviews (although this particular reviewed car probably doesn’t have the IIHS safety ratings…)