This Texas Resident Just Got A “DV3H KID” Vanity Plate


It seems like Texas has a knack for picking some of the funniest( albeit a little crude but handily clever) vanity license plates. One Texas resident just registered and is proudly rocking the “DV3H KID” vanity plate on his LR3 Land Rover.

If you haven’t figured out the joke, consider the case of Safer Hassan who infamously got his Texas plates revoked for pulling off a similar stunt. His license plate read. “370H55V” Here’s a news segment clip courtesy of KPRC Channel 2 news that should help clear the air on the issue.

Unfortunately for Safer, his plate was altogether revoked under the grounds that it could be considered offensive to some Texas commuters. According to, the service that the Texas DMV uses to create custom plates, “if TxDMV determines at any time that the personalization of the Plates you order is inappropriate, offensive, or not available for any other reason. This is not an exhaustive list of the reasons that TxDMV may reject your order.”

Fortunately for Instagram user William48151623 (who we’ll refer to as Will), the Texas DMV wasn’t clever enough to catch the gaffe and the plates are in the wild.

As a matter of fact, these aren’t the first custom plates Will has owned. His other set of custom vanity plates are on his Lotus. They read “370HSSV”. Sound familiar? It’s because according to Will, “The Lamborghini owner copied my idea.”  Check out his thread on Reddit with juicy details on the whole ordeal.

And for proof, here’s both of the plates next to each other.

And if his Land Rover looks familiar, it’s the same one that Art of Gears covered just a days ago. Under its hood is an LS Swap that all but cures any reliability issues that previous LR3’s were notorious for.