Carlos Lago Leaves Post At Motor Trend For Edmunds


Associate Road Test Editor and all around good guy Carlos Lago is hanging up his hat at Motor Trend after seven years (according to his Linked-in) and is starting a new job effective immediately at Not many people know, but Lago started as a humble intern in 2008 before being promoted full time to associate online editor.

Lago announced the news over his twitter feed via his Instgram to his close to combined 16,000+ followers and the replies coming in couldn’t be more indicative of everyone’s feelings.

Unexpected, sadness, confusion, and hope. Those were some of the keywords thrown around at the announcement. Usually, news about someone moving to a new position is held close to the chest before the proverbial two-week notice must be submitted. That being said, Lago probably didn’t clue in his fellow colleagues until he necessarily had to but from the well-wishers on his Twitter and Instagram, it looks like the news was taken well from his colleagues.

According to Lago,

"The past few years have been amazing. I never thought when this all began that it would become what it is today. Thank you all for making it possible. Tomorrow I start at Edmunds, and I’m excited for the new opportunities there. Keep an eye out. Cool stuff is coming your way."

The good news is that it’s not like he’s going on to an entirely new direction. He’ll be staying with cars for a good while (as that’s what Edmunds is all about.)

Personally, Lago along with David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan from the Hot Rod Network became the new face of automotive journalism in the past couple of years. I’d seen a couple of videos from Motor Trend starting to pop up on Youtube and Lago was consistently always one of the better presenters who represented my demographic.

Then I started to hear Lago as guest presenter on Matt Farah’s “The Smoking Tire Podcast” and thought, “Yes, this guy gets where this new vanguard of automotive journalism is going.”

His reasons for moving to Edmunds remain unknown. Perhaps he set a timeline of goals at Motor Trend for himself and has completed them. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side.

Edmunds could use an injection of youth in my humble opinion. Even that name…Edmunds….reminds me of a butler or my older friend at church who shares the same name.

We do know that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Carlos Lago and I’m curious to see what he brings to Edmunds (maybe a name change?)