I Give The Rockar Car Buying Experience A Test Drive


Unbeknownst to most Americans last year, Hyundai of Europe began a trial called Hyundai Rockar. It’s an online car shopping dealership that can  be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a few simple clicks, you’re on your way to buying a brand new Hyundai,almost as easy as buying a pair of socks off Amazon.

Give Rockar a test drive yourself!

The closest us Americans have to this type of car buying is Tesla’s dealership experience (or lack thereof.) With only a few boutique style stores scattered around California and other states around the nation, customers have the option to select options for their Tesla as well as have the opportunity to sit in one and request a test drive.

According to Hyundai Rockar on their website,

  • Rockar.com covers every aspect of buying a new car – customers can research, choose, create and buy a new Hyundai, at home or in-store, with no obligation to talk to anyone
  • It is possible to buy a car through rockar.com in as little as just 5 mins from start to finish
  • Customers can also get a price for their old car, choose full-payment or finance options and book servicing all at the touch of a button

I was amazed. Really just five minutes? Even though I don’t live in the United Kingdom I could theoretically register and take Rockar for the proverbial test drive. So here goes.

So here we have the website. Simple enough. After a quick e-mail registration and confirmation, I was in.

Immiediatly I was hit with a selection of Hyundai’s to choose from. I could literally scroll though and see what I wanted to buy. Here’s the full list of cars available.

  • i10 – City car not available in the United States
  • i20 Coupe – Super Mini also not available here
  • ix20
  • i30 Hatchback – Elantra
  • i30 Tourer
  • i40 Saloon – Sonata
  • i40 Tourer
  • ix35 – Tucson previous gen.
  • Santa Fe
  • Tucson

After selecting the Hyundai Santa, I was taken to another screen with a little bit more detail. Hmm, this is alot like buying a pair of Nike’s.

Then I got to option out my Santa Fe. I’m only three minutes in by the way.

And here’s the scary part. I was taken right to the checkout screen with a list of payment options. If I lived in United Kingdom in the area they service, I could literally pay for a new Hyundai Santa Fe right now if I wanted to (also if I had the money.)

And that was it!

This changes the car buying experience forever. Imagine not having to leave the comfort of your home to make what for many is the second largest purchase next to buying a house in your lifetime.

And if you’re thinking you can’t test drive anything, that’s why Hyundai, like Tesla, has a small store available for you to visit and check out the cars for yourself. You can also schedule a test drive before arriving.

No dealing with salesmen, no complicated paper work and no worries.

Is this the end of dealerships as we know it? Probably not. There’s stilla burgeorning used car market out there. But yes, in our lifetime there will come a time where you can accidently come home drunk and wake up the next morning accidently buying yourself a car. Exciting times.