Large Number Of Jeep Renegades Being Held For Software Issues


It’s a scene that Sergio Marchionne didn’t want to see, but it’s happening nonetheless. Hundreds of Jeep Renegades are parked side by side around a test track in Toledo, Ohio and there’s nothing dealerships can do but wait while this software issue is sorted out.

According to Auto News,

"Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said some new Jeep Renegade subcompact crossovers are being withheld from dealers because of software problems."

This isn’t the first news of disappointment stemming from the Jeep Renegade. A couple of people working at dealerships have noticed rampant quality issues with Renegade’s rolling in.

For example, a couple of forum members on VW Vortex noticed that incoming Jeep Renegades had problems with the undercoating.

"I inspected two Jeep Renegades today and both exhibited some quality problems with the chassis plugs, seam sealer and corrosion control/sound mitigation coating. Really disappointing that these cars are passing QC like this.For those who buy one, should consider additional corrosion protection.On both cars, plugs were added after the fact, and some seam sealer primer was sloppily brushed around to “hold them in”. Cracks in the primer indicate the plug moved, and moisture will accumulate in there and facilitate corrosion."

Having to come up with something to say to media outlets, Marchionne explained that this type of quality issue plagued the 2013 Jeep Cherokee when it was launched. Ironically, the Cherokee also had issues with its automatic nine-speed transmission although this Renegade has a different all-wheel drive drivetrain.

In the United States alone, the Renegade has remained a popular hit in dealerships. In April alone, dealerships sold more than 4,200 Renegades outpacing it’s brother the Jeep Compass.

Reviews coming in praise the Renegade for being a fun vehicle when compared to the Compass and praise its overall utility and copious interior space despite it having a small footprint.

It would’ve really been a home run if Jeep addressed these quality issues.

In the meantime, the Renegades will remain on that test track and will most likely be released mid-June when everything is sorted out.

H/T – Auto News