This Nitrous Nissan Sentra Simply Won’t Die


What do you do with a Nissan Sentra you no longer need? The body panels have been rusted beyond repair and someone already has chopped the roof off of it making it technically unsafe for road use. Well, you try your darndest best to blow the motor (if you have really nothing better to do.) That’s what these hooligans from Sound Performance based out of Illinois did with a Sentra that happened to be lying around.

Introduced in January 1995, the fourth generation Nissan Sentra was a follow up to the popular third generation Sentra. Utilizing the same B-Platform, the Sentra sold well thanks to great gas mileage and ease of mainteince. They also axed the coupe for that year and only were sold in sedan form.  Most models came with the 1.6 GA, but SE models came with the 2.0 SR (like this one.)

Well let’s see what they did.

First they rammed the Sentra into a wall and tried their darndest best to knock the wall over. Really they were just burning out the tires. Nissan Sentra is still alive.
Then they did a baseline dyno. 91 WHP and 91 lbs-ft of torque. Actually not that bad considering that SR20DE from the factory made 140 HP and 132 lbs-ft of torque brand new.

Then they put a 75 HP Dry shot of Nitrous. Look at the power gains!

Then the something in the engine malfunctions on the second Nitrous run. After a spark plug swap and multiple turnovers of the engine, the Sentra just happens to fire up, albeit something is definitely amiss. It doesn’t sound pretty.

They do run it around the shop a few times and you get a glimpse at some of the cars they’re working on.

If you’re going to chop the roof off a perfectly good car, you might as well hoon it. Something makes me think that this Sentra still starts and runs after all that abuse.

H/T – Speed Society