Watch This Lamborghini Gallardo Tow A Trailer


When you have more than 400 lbs-ft of torque on tap, you might as well be towing something. But what if all that torque comes in the form of a super car? Well that didn’t stop the Canadian Home Improvement show “Des rénos qui rapportent gros” from the French TV Station Canal Vie from towing around a U-Haul styled trailer equipped with a bunch of wooden planks and rolls of insulation on top of its roof.

Check out the video below! It’s proper bonkers.

According to the French site Info Presse,

"“The Lamborghini is the ultimate luxury sports car is untouchable. So to use it for renovations, it attracts attention and it allows us to illustrate perfectly the title of our new issue, “says Marie-Ève Fortier, Director, Marketing and Communications, Bell Media."

Supposedly the title in French translates to “The Ready Set Renovation Relating Basically” I’m pretty sure that’s a literal translation and if you can provide a French translation, please comment below.

The Lamborghini Gallardo being used looks like your standard fare second generation Gallardo using its naturally aspirated V10 good for 552 HP and 398 lbs-ft of torque.

Sure this is a TV Show but can you actually tow with a super car? Probably not a good idea over the long run.

Super cars are geared for speed and are definitely not geared for pulling at such low speeds. Trucks weigh at least one ton more than supercars and their heavy-duty frames can take the forces that towing imposes on a vehicle. Supercars are generally delicate cars and shouldn’t be used for pulling. The first thing to go would probably be the transmission.

Then again, I’m pretty sure this Gallardo is insured and only towing some very light items. Still, quite the attention grabber.

H/T – Info Presse