Ringbrothers Corvette Powered Winnebago Is RVing Done Right


If you don’t know who the Ringbrothers are, you’re about to. The Ringbrothers, Mark and Jim Ring are responsible for building some of the coolest custom cars known to man. In their humble shop in the middle of Wisconsin, they’ve been crafting builds focusing around the muscle car genre. Camaro, Mustang, Pantera and most recent Chevelle. If you can think of a muscle car, they’ve most likely contemplated doing it over.

They mostly build cars for clients but once in a while, they’ll build a project for themselves. Their latest pride and joy? How does this 1972 Classis Winnebago sound to you? Remember the Winnebago in Space Balls? Sortof like that but back it up a few years.

The original motor in the ’72 Winnebago was a Mopar 318 which back in the Carter administration days, made 230 HP and 340 lbs-ft of torque. 

Well that wouldn’t do for the cheeseheads so they swapped in a 6.0 LS based V8 compliments of Wegner Automotive of Markesan, Wisconsin.

It looks like Wegner Automotive and the Ring Bros. work well together because in their latest project labeled, “Recoil” the LS Swap (also from Wegner) is pushing close to 1000 HP. In the Winnebago…how does close to 900 HP compliments of a supercharger sound like?

Then again, you’re lugging around close to 10,000 lbs of American sheet steel and ladder truck frame underneath.

According to an article by Jalopnik last year, they’ve also taken the liberty to deck out the interior in what they call a

"bric-a-brac central. Surf cabin meets B29 Liberator. Yes, it has an electric pizza oven and a tailgate bar in the rear, with a TV for outdoor party viewing. It’s not quite what you guys recommended, but for a party bus, it’s serious stuff."

Sure it may be portly, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself in Wisconsin next to this RV and you get your doors blown off.

H/T – Madison.com