Special Edition BMW 435i ZHP Coupe Is An M4 Light


It’s been more than 10 years since BMW has used the ZHP package designation, but this all bodes well for those in the market for a 4-Series BMW but don’t want to really pony up the dough for an all out hardcore BMW M4. Think of the 435i ZHP Coupe as an M4 Light because that’s what it is underneath it all. If you’re thinking about buying one, you’d better decide quick because there will only be 100 of these made, and once they’re gone…they’re gone.

So what does ZHP mean? Generally more sports. But let’s delve into specifics.

First, there’s the added track handling package. You get special edition 18″ rims, four-pot M brakes in front and two in the rear. In addition, you get the M’s adaptive suspension. Not bad. You’ve got the moves like Jagger, but what else pray tell.

Next you get BMW’s M Performance Limited Slip Differential. BMW describes it best.

"The M Performance limited-slip differential optimizes the traction and ensures more controlled and precise driving behavior at the vehicles limits of adhesion. The M Performance LSD is a true advantage while at the track or in sporty driving situations."

So you get traction. Except better.

Then there’s the performance upgrades. This is what you really brag to your mates about.  Over the stock 435i you get 35 more HP and 32 lbs-ft of torque if you get the automatic. Only 17 lbs-ft of torque if you get the stick. Plus you get the optional exhaust burble. Seriously, BMW even put it in their press release.

"Exhaust “burble” sound during engine overrun conditions. The M Performance Power Kit ensures an optimized engine and exhaust system sound. The exhaust “burble” is enabled in Comfort mode and amplified even further in Sport mode. As a result, the car sound amplifies ‘performance’."

The exhaust is stainless steel (like your cookware) and you get dual exhausts.

In true aero package fashion, you also get a splitter, spoiler and diffuser in CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic.) Check out the pictures if you want to wet your beaks on the mad aero. Also, the kidney grills have been painted black. Black supposedly means business.

Production begins in July and pricing has yet to be announced. Frankly, if you have to ask, it’s probably not for you.

And if all 100 are sold out, don’t cry. You can actually order a lot of the same parts found on the ZHP package through BMW accessory package. The actual name of the program is Vehicle Distribution Center Installed Accessory or VIA for short.

A part of me thinks that the ZHP aero kit will be a hot item. All the looks without the price.

In the meantime, check out this ZHP package on this ’06 330i courtesy SaabKyle04.