2015 Gumball 3000 Rally Invades San Francisco


It’s officially the end of the fourth day of the 2015 Gumball Rally 3000 and it looks like a majority of the rally participants have headed to their hotels for the night for a much-needed rest.

Long before they arrived in San Francisco earlier tonight, many of them had already driven more than 1000 miles since starting their journey in Stockholm, Sweden.

Here’s a quick recap.

Day 1 had the Gumballers drive from Stockholm, Sweden to Oslo Norway. Here’s the full start in brilliant 4k.

Day 2 was a blast from Oslo to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Day 3 saw them drive from Copenhagen, through Germany via Police escort and finally to Amsterdam.

Day 4 included a plane trip from Amsterdam with their cars landing in Reno, Nevada where they drove to San Francisco (where they are today.)

With more than 80 teams competing including Pro-Skier Jon Olsson, a host of models from Guess, and Electronic DJ Deadmau5, it’s hard to follow almost everyone driving. Although you probably could if you tried. 

Me? I’ve been faithfully following Team Anime based out of Los Angeles, California. Their Liberty Walk clad Ferrari 458 caught my eye, and out of all the teams, this team seems to Instagram and Facebook alot, so that’s always good.

It looks like things got pretty wild on the plane trip from Amsterdam to Reno. This wasn’t your typical flight! Lots of DJ Music and looks like an open bar all around.

I absolutely love their caption here. I’m sure that flight attendant had her hands full.

And it looks like some of the models from Team Guess got to sneak a peek at the captain’s controls. FYI, none of the models are actually driving. They have professional drivers for that.

Here’s Tim Shmee of Youtube’s infamous Shmee150 with his McLaren cohort DeadMau5 after landing in Reno.

And thanks to Super Street’s coverage, here’s a Pagani taking part that’s currently parked in Justin Harmin Plaza in SF.

The Gumball 3000 Rally picks up tommorow morning at 9A.M. where fans of these fast cars can see some of these exoctics blast off towards the PCH (a.k.a. Highway 1) where they’ll head to Los Angeles for Day 5.

Day 6 is a blast to Las Vegas and from their, it’s an all out party!

But for now, they’re sleeping.

Here’s Deadmau5 fully appreciating a good nights rest. But something is telling me alot of these Gumballer’s won’t probably be sleeping much at all tonight.