Watch This Mk1 Golf Destroy A Porsche 911 And Supercharged 350Z


Player 3 (a 1984i-sh MK 1 Volkswagen Golf) has entered the game. The video is only 37 seconds long, but it’s one of the most satisfying car videos trending the world involving three epic cars and one very unexpected plot twist.You’ll have to watch the whole video for yourself to get the full effect. Check it out below!

First we have this fellow. He’s in a Procharged Nissan 350Z. The Procharged means that he’s thrown a supercharger on his naturally aspirated VQ35 V6 engine.  Stock 350Z’s will get you about 287 HP and 270 lbs-ft of torque. Throw on a pro charger and you’re looking at 370 HP and 350 lbs-ft of torque.You’re now in Porsche hunting power band and ready to slay some souped up beetles on their home turf.

The procharged 350Z finds his prey. A 911 GT3. This is starting to get good. In stock trim, the 911 GT3 summons 475 HP from its infamous naturally aspirated flat 6. Maybe this procharged 350Z has an upgraded pulley for more boost because hes found some serious car to mess around with.The 350Z driver mashes it to the floor and proceeds to pass the 911 GT3.

In retrospect, the Nissan 350Z never had a chance! The 911 GT3 pulls away with pure German grunt. But towards the end of the 911’s push, a new player appears!

What looks like a lowly Mark 1 VW Golf just mats it and passes both cars like they’re sitting still. The video’s title says it’s a 4motion MK1 Golf meaning that the Golf probably has the four-wheel drive system from the Mk 4 Golf.What results is pure gearhead genius. Both cars get the smackdown from an old econobox 20 years its senior.

Well played Golf. Well played. And if econobox Golf’s with ridiculous amouts of power is your thing, check out this humble MK2 with more than 1000 HP hit the streets.