Watch These Johannesburg Carjackers Hijack A Car In Seconds

Watch These Johannesburg Highway Robbers Hijack A Car In Seconds
Watch These Johannesburg Highway Robbers Hijack A Car In Seconds /

It’s a situation no one wants to be in, but for this Johannesburg motorist, a car jacking caught on dashcam was all but avoidable. According to News 24 out of South Africa earlier today (June 1, 2015,) details are still scarce and police action remains slow at best in bringing justice to an apparent carjacking caught on dashcam that slowly leaked over social media and became viral over the weekend. Check out the full dashcam video below.

As the victims car enters the highway via the standard onramp, a Volkswagen Passat for no apparent reason other than to stop the car behind it, puts on full brakes and sets his car in front of his victim. With cars passing to the left and a barrier to his right, the victim has nowhere to go. Immediately thereafter, four armed men exit the vehicle all brandishing handguns pointed at the victim’s car. There appears to be another person in the robbers car who doesn’t exit probably ready to drive off as the getaway driver. One of the robbers face is covered, but the three other robbers are clearly shown, which has prompted their faces to spread across the internet.

"According to 24 News, “Constable Michael Kgatle of the Johannesburg central police station said he was trying to locate a case number, while Lieutenant Colonel Katlego Mogale said she was still trying to get confirmation of the incident.”"

It seems like local police are trying to confirm if a robbery actually took place, if anyone was actually injured or if anything of value was stolen. Some can misconstrue the police statement to mean they simply, “don’t have their stuff together.” But can you blame the beleaguered police force in the crime stricken nation? Already laden with a public that doesn’t trust them with rumors of corruption running rampant as well as a rise in crime in all areas, it looks like they have their hands full.

Carjacking is a serious crime that can leave victims terrified and feeling victimized. Here are a few simple tips courtesy of ABC News that you should always keep in mind on a daily basis that should help you avoid a carjacking. Basically, always remember to give the thieves what they want, park close to exits, have your phone with you at all times and when stopped for an ATM trip or in a fast food drive through line (keep your car in park.)Also, check out these tips by the US Dept. of State on what to do in such a situation.  One Redditor whose driven in South Africa offered this personal tip.

"Drove regularly in South Africa . Same advice as others on here, don’t stop etc. But the driver in the footage was foolish. 1. Always keep a few car lengths when traffic is slowing 2. Don’t get boxed in on hard shoulder."