Guinness World Record: Car Wheel Change Under A Minute

Guinness World Record: Car Wheel Change Under A Minute
Guinness World Record: Car Wheel Change Under A Minute /

A German Team representing an Auto Parts company based out of Berlin just broke the Guinness World Record for fastest wheel change without power tools earlier this week (June. 3, 2015) according to Guinness themselves. If you grabbed you and three of your best mates, you can probably reckon that with two jacks and four tire irons, everyone can swap out and in a set of wheels in about five minutes. That’s all without the butt slaps and jokes along the way.

Tire Change 2015.6.5
Tire Change 2015.6.5 /

This German team was poised and ready to break the previous record, which was 1 minute and 23 seconds which they did quite handily by 24 seconds. Yup, it took this motley crew of grease monkey’s just 59 seconds to swap out and swap in a brand new set of wheels all without power tools. See the video below!

To set the right mood for the record setting foray, the place to break the record was set at a German race track during a DTM Masters race. Not to mention the snappy looking matching uniforms and official tire changing gloves to boot. And of course, an official Guinness Record adjudicator was on hand to make sure that everything was kosher and no one had a Makita Cordless Impact drill up his sleeve.

Tire Change 1 2015.6.5
Tire Change 1 2015.6.5 /
Tire Change 2 2015.6.5
Tire Change 2 2015.6.5 /

According to their Team Manager, the boys from Germany have been practicing countless times after work., “We have really made it – congratulations to have the whole group The guys were top motivated and have changed countless tires after work The world record is just reward for all the hard work!..” Hat tip to these fine lads. It’s not every day you can brag to your mates that your workmates own a world record. And if you where wondering, all their arms were calibrated to 90 lbs-ft of torque after a turn of the tire iron.