Final Top Gear Episode To Be Aired Soon Says BBC

Final Top Gear Episode To Be Aired Soon Says BBC
Final Top Gear Episode To Be Aired Soon Says BBC /

It looks like the BBC has been holding out on Top Gear fans as they’ve announced earlier today over twitter (June. 8, 2015) that they are releasing a special combined episode pulling together bits from the last two shows meant for season 22. Additionally, there are two in-studio pieces featuring Hammond and May added in as well. The BBC recently released a trailer of Jeremey Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond’s last set of hi-jinks under the BBC brand and it doesn’t look to disappoint. Check out the official trailer below.

In the first bit of the trailer, we see the trio armed with what amounts to about $280 piloting a bunch of budget SUV’s through a typical set of challenges not foreign to the show dressed in tuxedos. Top Gear Magazine revealed that the other bit at the end features all three presenters living the lifestyle of the, “traditional car buff” including a Fiat 124, Peugeot 304 Cabriolet and an MGB GT that includes attending a classic car show that most likely ends in epic disaster (as per usual.)

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No official date has been announced for this final episode, but it should come out sometime this summer. And by the time it does air, expect the whole world (just not the UK) to be watching along as well. And if you’re somewhat sad that this might be the last we’ll see of the three together, this break in action probably won’t last long as there are credible rumors that the three will show up together in a Netflix only series according to the Business Insider as Richard Hammond and James May have rejected multi-million dollar offers to return to the show. So stay tuned Top Gear fans as this isn’t the end.